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Cookies - Why are they needed on the NSYSA Website?Printable

Session state in each members Browser (associated with Cookies) is how the NSYSA Website keeps track of which user is logged on at which machine with which Browser. Without it, the NSYSA Website has no way of identifying in the web server who is who and which authorized pages they can use.

Error message you may receive at Logon if Cookies have been "Disabled" on your PC Browserfor some reason.

"Your Browser may not be enabled for Cookies (if logon fails, please check it)"

This message IS an indication that the web server has detected the user's system is disabled for cookies. The NSYSA website will continue to work fine, but the end user will be limited to only viewing the "public" pages.

If you receive such a message - see instructions below for how to rectify this problem.

What to do if you are experiencing problems with the NSYSA Website and Cookies!

If you are experiencing difficulties with the NSYSA website and the use of Cookies, please ensure the following settings to avoid/rectify any such difficulties:

These instructions are designed for those of you using Version 6.0 of MicroSoft Internet Explorer . If you are using another Browser system or IE version, you will need to ensure similar settings that correspond to that broswer and/or version:

  • Open your browser
  • Click to Tools...Internet Options
  • Look at the Privacy tab
    You'll either need to set it at Medium


    Click Sites and specifically add NSYSAsoccer.org as a Managed Site that is always allowed to utilize cookies.

This should eliminate and/or prevent any other problems with Cookies on the NSYSA website and the System Browser you are using.