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Severe Weather/Lightning - What You Need To Know - What To DoPrintable

Do you know what actions should be taken in Severe Weather conditions - Lightning or other severe weather conditions?

Here's a quick video "How To" Follow-> 

A. U.S. SOCCER'S COMPREHENSIVE PLAYER HEALTH AND SAFETY PROGRAM covers this environmental condition, plus many others. Follow-> this link for full details.

B. Track - real-time - AQI and weather conditions at your practice or game field with these NSYSA tools.

First Locate your field:

    1. Start by simply following the link below, select your home town and you'll see a list of the local soccer fields and the Club(s) that call them "home".
    2. The next step is to follow the Club/Organization link above the field chart to find out more about the type of soccer each Club offers (i.e. Rec, Select, TOP, Comp.) and how to register for upcoming Summer camps and Fall play!

For more information visit NSYSA: www.nsysasoccer.org or contact: nsysa.president@NSYSAsoccer.org

Locate soccer fields near your home here more

Play smart. Play with knowledge!