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Soccer To The Maxx SuccessPrintable

Congratulations and Thanks!

What a beautiful day we had for Soccer to the Maxx yesterday Sunday October 6th.

Bremerton Soccer Club again demonstrated a great cohesive hard-working Club who hosted 2019 Soccer to the Maxx. 3 fields for the 9’s and 10’s and 4 fields for the 8’s all lined with goals and nets all set up with a Jamboree Head Quarters Tent ready to go by just after 7am in preparation for 8am games that went on til last games finished at 4:45.

Special shout outs and recognition to Jason Roskens BSC President and his club volunteers Shannon and Matt Baynes, Brian, Chris and Baynes kids and I am sure I have missed several other folks…..who sold goodies, checked in teams, distributed shirts, checked in referees, emptying overflowing garbage cans, being diligent in recycling, stocking a porta potty, putting up barricades and limiting drive access to special access needs folks. Great refereeing and support by the Tittle Family, Calia Corden and several kids who all pitched in to cover all match assignments. Well Done!

Additional shout outs for NSYSA Board Members who helped make this Jamboree a success were Bob in helping with scheduling, ordering and picking up shirts (thank you Benny Jones and Kitsap Screen Printing for bagging and identifying each team separately and getting this all done within the week of the Jamboree), Val for helping with a miss registered team and then backfilling a slot so that it was a minimum impact on schedule changes and her diligence working with BSC and small-sided referees to cover every single game! Darcy as our President who was there to lend a hand and make sure NSYSA was well represented at the Soccer to the Maxx.

Hi Lites were having NSYSA founders Maxine and Tim Burns come and watch several games, interact with many of the kids, coaches and volunteers and join in many photo ops. They were able to see several coaches who were coached by Maxx and Tim when they were as young as 6 and 7-year-olds and then some who were coached by them at North Kitsap High school and to then see those kids now coaching their kids was super neat. Maxx and Tim could not say enough how great it was to see all these kids playing soccer and having so much fun. They were super pleased to see all the “wonderful volunteers” running the Jamboree so smoothly. Great Job Bremerton Soccer Club and Northwest Sound Youth Soccer Association. The very association Maxine and Tim Burns founded.

We had 30 teams play; consisting of 5 BU8’s and 7 BU9/10’s, 8 girls U8’s, 4 GU9’s and 6 GU10’s. All playing 3 games, with two 20 minute halves all starting on the hour mark using an air horn to start games, announce halves and end games which helped keep all games on schedule. I believe this was the best year yet, with no one injured, coaches all behaving themselves, all games covered with referees and did I mention the weather! Just Fantastic.

I was super proud to be a member of NSYSA, so thank you for allowing me to be a part of keeping up this great Jamboree for our Rec Kids.

Louie Bond
Honorary Jamboree Director
Soccer to the Maxx