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The NSYSA Site is primarily dedicated to providing information to support its membership (Member Associations and Clubs). As a result, much of our Website is restricted to access by NSYSA pareticipating Members only, who can identify themselves via the Site Logon function.

However, we are pleased to offer the general public the following information:

General background information about the Northwest Sound Youth Soccer Association
The Usage Agreement describes and establishes the formal relationship between NSYSA and you
Board of Directors
We publish a listing of the current NSYSA Board of Directors and those of our Member Associations and Clubs. These boards are elected from amongst the individuals' group membership with terms beginning each Calendar Year
We publish a Calendar of upcoming events related to the District and its Member Associations and Clubs.
We publish a listing in this centralized location for all Camps and Clincs scheduled within and by NSYSA
We publish a listing of current Committees (District, Member Associations, and Clubs). The basic listing provides a list of the committee names and the applicable chairs/directors. By selecting an individual committee, you can obtain a complete listing of a particular committee's members.
We publish a listng of the basic contact, Address, and mailing information for each of the Organizations we work with.
We publish the basic information necessary for anyone having to communicate with the NSYSA Disciplinary Committee (i.e. when and where the committee meets and how to communicate with the Committee Director.
We publish a wide variety of documents pertinent to the District and its Member Associations and Clubs such as Rules, Policies, Minutes, Forms, etc. These are all available to anyone desiring that information.
A collection of Frequently Asked Questions about NSYSA, its policies and procedures
The geographic Locations used for scheduled Matches between Teams
We attempt to publish any information that would be useful to NSYSA Members at this location. Often, when something new is posted, it is accompanied by a "What's New?" article posted on the opening page of the site to alert the membership to the new information. The What's New article normally is posted for a total of 7 days only while the actual News Article may stay in play for a considerably longer period.
Other Links
A miscellaneous collection of web references and related URLs that may be of interest to NSYSA Membership
Parent Education
We publish links to other websites and/or articles that provide information we believe may be useful to youth soccer parents, relatives, spectators at this location.
SafeSport Contacts
SafeSport contacts
This function provides the interface to obtaining up to the minute, online information about any NSYSA scheduled Match. We DO interface to other District related operations and sites where possible to coordinate and synchronize the actual Match Location, Date, Time, etc. in an effort to eliminate redundancy and confusion.
A link to enable a Google search of the Public pages for specific content on the NSYSA Site
A link to provide the ability to search for and display Standings for any applicable League being conducted/tracked by the District
A list of the Terms and Definitions associated with them that we use on the Site
A list of Tournaments that may be of interest
What's New
The latest information from Northwest Sound Youth Soccer Association

To learn more about our Programs, efforts, or more about us, simply click on the elements in the Table of Contents you'll see at the left edge of each of our website pages.