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Invite to Kitsap Cup - New Years Day, 1/1/2024 - Supporting Sierra Leone with Children of the NationsPrintable

Get involved with Kitsap Cup – New Years Day Enthusiasts supporting kids in Sierra Leone with Children of the Nations

Contact Louie Bond if interested in supporting or playing New Years Day in this great annual event of playing soccer and helping transform lives all the way in Sierra Leone!
Right now, Louie's crew accepting teams to sign up, and shirts have been designed for all participants.

We are looking to have:

  • 4v4 kids on the small field for our 6-8-year-olds, ideally coed
  • 10-12-year-old boys bracket 7v7
  • 10-12-year-old girls bracket 7v7
  • 12-14 coed bracket 7v7
  • High School Coed 6v6
  • Adult Coed less Competitive 6v6
  • Adult Coed Competitive 6v6
  • Adult Mens Competitive 6v6

2024 pricing is the same as 2023: Ideally on the big fields we are looking for rosters of 11 players each donating $40 each with each team playing for one of the kids for the day (It costs about $440 per child for the year). Small field for the 4v4 younger kids ideally 6-7 players at $25 each (for every 3 teams would support 1 child).

This is a fundraiser Jamboree at Bremerton Sports Center and more important to have you or your child play so whatever is comfortable for donation is greatly appreciated. All players will receive a shirt. 3 shortened games of 12-minute halves with all games starting on the hour and half-hour mark.

Contact Louie Bond, 206-619-4409 or LBond@melbournetower.com. Family and Friends for all the details